Organic optimisation to increase your video and channel performance.

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Understanding YouTube SEO.

YouTube optimisation is the process of implementing organic optimisation methods to increase the performance of your channel and content.

YouTube functions as a search engine for video content. Optimisation here will also increase video performance externally.

Your channel and videos are audited and updated according to YouTube and search best practices and optimised for targeted keywords.

Frequently asked questions.

Similar to Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics is a platform that allows you to monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports.

Yes. We focus on YouTube due to its great integration with Google and its claim to fame of being the second largest search engine worldwide.

However there are a range of video sharing platforms such as Vimeo or Twitch which will also benefit from optimised videos. 

YouTube, like Google, loves fresh content. Therefore the best strategy would be to publish optimised videos so that the content is recognised immediately.

If you have a channel with video content and a low number of views that won’t be a disaster to lose, we recommend downloading that content and (sorry!) starting again.

If you have an existing channel and views that you’d rather not lose, worry not – we can work our optimisation magic and suggest other integration tactics that will boost your performance. 

Yes. We can guide you through the entire process, from researching the landscape to training you on using the YouTube platform.

YouTube videos are strong assets to have in your marketing arsenal as they can be distributed on a variety of online platforms. Optimised videos will of course enjoy higher reach and engagement.

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