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Understanding Technical SEO.

This refers to any technical process used to improve the visibility and performance of your website. This includes both front-end and back-end tasks.

Technical SEO attends to the structure of your website. Without a strong structure, your performance will decrease - no matter how great your content may be.

Solutions are created and prioritised according to the performance impact they will have for your website. These solutions will then be implemented and monitored.

Frequently asked questions.

Technical SEO factors simply refer to elements on your website that need optimisation in order to improve your website performance on search.

Meta tags are pieces of code on your website that contain descriptive text to help search engines understand the context and purpose of the page.

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin used for the SEO optimisation of various aspects of your website such as title tags and meta descriptions.

AMP is the abbreviation for “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” and is a framework designed to enable a faster loading time of webpages on mobile.

This is a process that takes place to understand the areas of your website that will benefit from technical repairs and optimisations. The output usually includes the problem, a solution and the potential performance impact of the solution. 

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