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Understanding Off-page SEO.

This refers to any search optimisation activity that occurs outside the boundaries of your website such as local SEO or content marketing.

Off page SEO shows both people and search engines what others think of your website. In short, positive referrals equals a better organic performance.

We begin with optimisation of your owned off site assets, thereafter moving on the best strategy to earn online referrals linking to your website.

Frequently asked questions.

Off page SEO tactics include

  • Local SEO
  • Linking online brand mentions
  • Creating great content 
  • Building a review request strategy 
  • Influencer marketing

A backlink audit is a review of all the links pointing to your website to determine their quality. The outcome of this audit will help you understand whether your website is at risk of being penalized and uncover potential link building opportunities. 

We use a range of software that allows us to automatically pull through a list of the websites that are linking back to your website along with their health score. We also manulally check the websites to analyse their quality. 

Off page SEO can be measured by analysing

  • Number of brand mentions across the webs and their sentiment
  • The traffic quantity and quality that you are receiving from external websites
  • Your backlink profile (high quality links versus toxic links)

This is a type of SEO attack that involves targeting your website without internal manipulation. This is done to decrease your website’s ranking with tactics such as content duplication or toxic link building.

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