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Understanding SEO Content.

Content created with SEO in mind uses specific keywords or key phrases to help your brand rank higher on search.

High quality content is what earns you backlinks, traffic and high visibility on search engine results pages.

Content will be created and optimised for both search engines and readers according to a content strategy.

Frequently asked questions.

An SEO content audit is the process of analysing the performance of your current website content.

Evergreen content is content that always remains useful ie. not based on expiring topics or trends.

It is important to create evergreen content for SEO as it answers core search queries and has the potential to attract both new and returning visitors. 

SEO content doesn’t necessarily need to be created in a standard article format.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes and should adapt to the purpose of the piece and the overall goals of your content strategy. 

Types of content formats include lists, infographics, slide shows, case studies, ebooks and podcasts.

Search intent is the why behind a search query. 

As a brand, you should aim to meet searchers at various stages in their search journey – SEO content can help you achieve this.

Content is measured according to the goals set in the strategy phase. Performance can be measured on metrics such as traffic, keyword visibility, engagement, backlinks, etc.

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